About Us

We are Sarah Penny (right) & Sheridon Rosser (left).......

Sarah & Sheridon have recently joined forces to see what can contributed as a team to tackling the ongoing problem of constant microplastic pollution.  Our planet can no longer sustain itself and it is high time that something is done. 


Sarah has 29 years of experience as a florist in North Cornwall.  Two years ago - Sarah embarked on her own  journey to ensure that she was creating her floristry designs in a foam free manner.  This has involved lots of experimenting, learning on the job and learning from others.  It is something that Sarah is incredibly passionate about.  Sarah mainly focus's on funeral flowers but also produces some incredible foam free arrangements for any occasions.  Sarah has plans to teach courses to other florists who are keen to follow in these footsteps - sharing her secrets of success.  


Sheridon is coming at things from a slightly different angle.  Having operated a natural burial ground in North Cornwall since 2014 - floral foam has never been a consideration to Sheridon; because it is just against the natural ethos and therefore not allowed on the burial site.  Sheridon is keen to help raise awareness along side Sarah.  


What's driving us?...

After seeing some facts on floral foam waste - the pair were shocked beyond belief.  Sarah had already embarked on her voyage to a foam free future, and shared some information and figures on her instagram page.  Sheridon saw this post and then contacted Sarah - and the rest as they say is history.  Both ladies were already acquainted but now a firm friendship is blossoming through their journey together.   




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